Friday 20th

5 pm: Arrival

6:30 pm: Opening Ceremony.

7:30 pm: DINNER

8:30pm: Movie Night: Laura Lee Bahr’s Boned.


Saturday 21th


9 to 11 am:  LOUNGE A: How to Outline an Awesome Novella (Christoph Paul)

9 to 11 am:  LOUNGE B: How to create inclusive characters (Alejandro Marcos Ortega)

9 to 11 am: Hike: Jacint Verdaguer, Exorcist.

11 am: The Bizarro Experience (Christoph Paul, Michael Kazepis, Laura Lee Bahr)

12:30 to 1:30 pm: LUNCH

2 to 4 pm:  LOUNGE A: Open Bookstore

2 to 4 pm:  LOUNGE B: Publishing industry meeting

4 pm: El bizarro contra el fascismo (Inés Arias de Reyna)

5 pm: Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles (Laura Lee Bahr)

6 pm: Hora de Lecturas (Sabrina Rodríguez, Bea Aguilar, Sergi Álvarez, Alfredo Álamo, Rubén Guallar)

7:30 pm: GALA DINNER (Inl. Orciny Awards)

8:30 pm: No-costume Party (come as you truly are)


Sunday 22


9 to 11 a:  LOUNGE A: Writing in the language of dreams (Laura Lee Bahr)

9 to 11 a:  LOUNGE B: Humour is serious business (Sergi Álvarez)

11 am: Badass Babes Editing Anthos (Leza Cantoral y Tiffany Scandal)

12:30 to 13:30 pm: LUNCH

2 pm: Todo lo que siempre quisiste saber sobre el bizarro pero nunca te atreviste a preguntar (Hugo Camacho)

3 pm: King Shot Press/Clash Books Reading Time (Michael Kazepis, Christoph Paul, Tiffany Scandal, Leza Cantoral)

4 pm: Introducción a la teoría de la hiperstición (Francisco Jota-Pérez)

5 pm: Closing ceremony

19:30h: DINNER


Friday, July 6th, 7pm:  Bienvenidos al bizarro. (Hugo Camacho) Biblioteca de Collserola-Josep Miracle

Thursday, July 19th, tpm: Porno religioso improvisado presentation, Laura Lee Bahr, in Gigamesh, Barcelona

Tuesday, July 24th, 7pm: Monsters of Bizarro: Presentations/Readings with King Shot Press, Clash Books & Orciny Press, in Come In Llibreria Anglesa, Barcelona.



Please note: Workshops are limited access (register now!) and have a fee of 5€ per person to pay the instructor (to be payed at the beginning of each workshop)


How to create inclusive characters (This workshop will be in Spanish)

Instructor: Alejandro Marcos Ortega

Duration: 2 hours.

Description: On this workshop we will learn how to get rid of the stereotypes and clichés that we have when we create representative characters of underrepresented or misrepresented collectives on the literature of the impossible (fantasy, science-fiction and horror). Such as LGTB+ people, women, racialist people or disabled persons.

Previous work: Not necessary.


Humour is serious business (This workshop will be in Spanish)

Instructor: Sergi Álvarez

Duration: 2 hours approximately.

Description: It looks easy but it is not. To write an humoristic text with guaranties of success is harder and riskier than it seems. It supposes a hard test for the writer’s skills, but also offers a powerful weapon to get into your narrative arsenal.

Through brief exercises and audio-visual examples, in this workshop we will talk about the functions of humour, about how to break the walls between drama and comedy, about irony and sarcasm; about how to focus the tone and the voice of the narrator to predispose the reader to laugh, about the smart use of the plots and how to boost their comical side, about characters in comedy and the use of jokes and gags on the narration.

Sergi Álvarez offers you his, easy and effective, tips to face the comedy without fear, with seriousness, but with lots of laugh in between.

The exercises will be short and fun, focus on the development of ideas and techniques, not on the writing of a short story on the workshop. We will play and set the bases to have fun writing nonsense.

Previous work: Not necessary.


How to Outline an Awesome Novella

Author: Christoph Paul

Duration: 2 hours.

Description: We will help each other create a novella outline that will be plotted and the characters will be well developed. The characters and the story will connect creating an engaging outline from beginning to the end.

Previous work: You need to bring an idea for a novella.


Writing in the language of dreams

Author: Laura Lee Bahr

Duration: 2 hours.

Description: We will explore how to connect to the endlessly creative and mysterious source of story within your own dreams and construct a meaningful story.

Previous work:

Each student should keep a dream journal.

If you have never done a dream journal just start now: basically, when you wake up each morning, before you do anything else, write down what you recall of your dreams.  If you can’t recall dreams, even feelings, sensations, images that come to mind when you first awake, phrases.  It is important to not try and make sense of it, and to write them down with as much description of the emotion that you felt in the dream connected with whatever was occurring within the dream. Also, write the dreams down in the language you dreamt them. 

Before you come to the workshop, pick the three or four dreams that have the most emotional connection or mystery to you that you are okay with diving deep into during our workshop.   Please have a copy of the language in which you dreamt them, and one if English.  Most importantly, come with an open-mind and a sense of adventure about personal exploration!