What is this Convivencias Bizarras (Bizarro Retirement: Summer Camp For Weirdos)?
Convivencias Bizarras is a weekend-long convention around the most transgressive speculative fiction, bizarro and the weirdest genre fiction, and a gathering of readers, writers, publishers and other publishing professionals and artists with an interest in these topics.

What do they consist of?
As its name says, it consists of two days (and a bit more) of events around literature, activities like:

Workshops, lectures and panels:
You’ll find workshops on writing subjects in order to improve your more unconventional literary skills, the most interesting lectures and panels intended to create some discussion around the topics that we’re interested in and that will help expand our conception of fantasy and speculative fiction. There will also be a space for professionals to share their experience and make proposals in order to work together.

Of course, this is no regular convention and we want to have some fun, because there’s nothing better than sharing a drink with people you share interests with and maybe future projects. Take part in our No-Costumes Party, in which everybody comes dressed as they truly are, and also in our gala dinner.

We’re not going to be too many people, so you’ll probably end up getting to know everybody. Let’s break the fourth wall between writers/artists and their audience. We’re all the same here and we also want new projects to come to life.

Readings and performances:
Because writing has to be something more than sitting down to write and then read. We firmly believe that a writer has to stand up for its own work in front of its potential or convinced audience. Let’s put some fun and rock ‘n’ roll back in literature.

So, if this is all about books, how are we not having some available? Bring your books if you’re a writer or publisher so the readers can take them back home signed. You can also bring the ones you own in order to be signed.

Accomodation and Food at the Best Hostel Possible:
The INOUT Hostel is a quite particular place. It’s only 15 minutes away in train from the center of Barcelona but it’s placed in the middle of the mountain. It’s welcoming and caring. And its bar Is open 24/7. Rooms are cozy and you’ll find special menus (vegan/vegetarian, allergen-free) if you ask for them.

There will be English, Spanish and Catalan speakers coming, so we consider the 3 languages as official.

Who are we?
This idea comes from a group of people (authors and contributors) around Orciny Press, but we aim further and other indie presses dedicate to genre fiction have been invited. We’ll let you know who’s coming.