Update June 2nd

We have updated the program, which is almost complete but it may be subject to change.

We have also sent you the newsletter with all the info for you to sign up for the readings. Don’t be shy!

And we sent this as part of the newsletter, but it’s good to remind of ot:


This section is aimed in particular at those registered at Convivencias Bizarras that come from outside Barcelona.

Make us know, via the Facebook event for the Convivencias, if you have any doubts on how to get to the hostel: transportation from the airport, subway stations and transfers, buses, schedules…

We also invite those that already know the city to answer visitor’s questions and doubts in that matter and set an assistance network.

In case you arrive before the date of the Convivencias (or if you stay on the city once they’re over), we can offer you info on other activities, interesting sites and leissure or cultural alternatives.

Don’t hesitate to ask.


Convivencias Bizarras are of all of us together, not just the organization or the guests. We encourage you to openly interact between you all, without complexes, and help and advise one another as far as possible. Thanks.

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