Update April 7th


We just added all the info about workshops in the program page. If you’re already registered, don’t forget to register to workshops at the email convivenciasbizarras@gmail.com. Some of these workshops need some previous work to be done by you in oder to fully enjoy the activity.

These are the four workshops that will take place:

How to create inclusive characters, with Alejandro Marcos Ortega (to be held in Spanish)
Humour is serious business, with Sergi Álvarez (to be held in Spanish)
How to Outline an Awesome Novella, with Christoph Paul
Writing in the language of dreams, with Laura Lee Bahr

We have also added the lecture: El bizarro como arma contra el fascismo (Bizarro as a weapon against fascism), by Inés Arias de Reyna.

There are still some panels and lectures to be confirmed. Readings are also to be confirmed. If you want to read your material in public, please let us know.


We have updated the list of attendees.

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