Update July 3rd

Full program is already online. There’s been some last-minute changes and all our surprises have been revealed. Take a look!

We have also added some Off-Convivencias activities, which will be free and all access. The biggest of these will be Monsters of Bizarro. See flyers below.

You’re still in time to register for workshops, but please do it as soon as possible so we can count on you.

You¡ll receive our newsletter soon with all the news ans some other stuff.

Only a few days left!

Update June 13th

We can already say that Convivencias Bizarras is a great success and a lot of people answered the call, more than we initially expected.
We are at full registration right now according to the reservation we made with the hostel. You can register anyway until June 16th Saturday, but we’ll have to check availability with the hostel before granting your reservation.
Now, let’s wait till July 20th \m/

Update June 2nd

We have updated the program, which is almost complete but it may be subject to change.

We have also sent you the newsletter with all the info for you to sign up for the readings. Don’t be shy!

And we sent this as part of the newsletter, but it’s good to remind of ot:


This section is aimed in particular at those registered at Convivencias Bizarras that come from outside Barcelona.

Make us know, via the Facebook event for the Convivencias, if you have any doubts on how to get to the hostel: transportation from the airport, subway stations and transfers, buses, schedules…

We also invite those that already know the city to answer visitor’s questions and doubts in that matter and set an assistance network.

In case you arrive before the date of the Convivencias (or if you stay on the city once they’re over), we can offer you info on other activities, interesting sites and leissure or cultural alternatives.

Don’t hesitate to ask.


Convivencias Bizarras are of all of us together, not just the organization or the guests. We encourage you to openly interact between you all, without complexes, and help and advise one another as far as possible. Thanks.

Update April 7th

Update April 7th


We just added all the info about workshops in the program page. If you’re already registered, don’t forget to register to workshops at the email convivenciasbizarras@gmail.com. Some of these workshops need some previous work to be done by you in oder to fully enjoy the activity.

These are the four workshops that will take place:

How to create inclusive characters, with Alejandro Marcos Ortega (to be held in Spanish)
Humour is serious business, with Sergi Álvarez (to be held in Spanish)
How to Outline an Awesome Novella, with Christoph Paul
Writing in the language of dreams, with Laura Lee Bahr

We have also added the lecture: El bizarro como arma contra el fascismo (Bizarro as a weapon against fascism), by Inés Arias de Reyna.

There are still some panels and lectures to be confirmed. Readings are also to be confirmed. If you want to read your material in public, please let us know.


We have updated the list of attendees.

Update January 25th

Update January 25th


We just set up a FAQs section on this page to solve some of the questions you’ve been asking. You can visit it here.


We already have our first confirmed activities. Please refer to the program here. There will be writing workshops with Sergi Álvarez (in Spanish), Alejandro Marcos Ortega (in Spanish) and Laura Lee Bahr (in English). Previous registration is required for these workshops (5€ each). There will be a meeting for publishing industry professionals, and a lecture on Bizarro Fiction. This is what’s confirmed for the moment. We’ll anounce more activities when new people is registered.


Yes, there will also be some activies Off-Bizarro Retirement which will be open to the public and which you can check out in the program. There will be a special surprise event in Barcelona the day before and Vallbidrera Library will be hosting an exhibit of Bizarro books and there will also be a lecture on July 6th. There will also be a Lit House Reading Series event in Barcelona.

Register before February 5th and get a discount:

If you register before Feb. 5th you’ll get a small discount and you’ll be helping us booking spaces.


Confirmed publishing houses attending: King Shot Press (USA), Clash Books (USA), Antipersona, SECC Edicions and Orciny Press. More TBA.